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YangZhou XinTong Group In ChengDu Century City New International Expo Center - 5T30
- Aug 19, 2018 -

YangZhou XinTong 2018 ChengDu Intelligent Transportation Exhibition

Very forward-looking "ITS Asia", each year, all around the industry hot topics, combined with the innovation of theXINTONG TRAFFIC LIGHT.jpg exhibitors of scientific and technological achievements, according to different application market, a series of activities and the technical seminar, not only can make the audience more deeply understand the exhibitors of new science and technology, also can provide the exhibitors with unique marketing strategy, whether you are hosted as activities, guest speakers, or the sponsor, will obtain high quality buyers extra attention and media.
"ITS Asia" is not only an event for companies and professionals in the smart transportation industry, but also an event for industry media. Dozens of industry professional media and mass media live interviews and reports, tracking the latest developments and the latest resource advantages of the intelligent transportation industry, and vigorously doing the organization and publicity work of industry users and professional buyers.
With strong brand background, long exhibition history, rich exhibition resources, senior professional BBS and continuous development and innovation, it has formed ITS Asia advantage with characteristics. After 10 years of growth, the scale of the exhibition is getting bigger and bigger.

Author:Bunny Sun