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What Are The Rules Of The Signal Lights?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Article 1 These rules are formulated for the purpose of strengthening urban traffic management, facilitating transportation and maintaining traffic safety to meet the needs of national economic construction.

Article 2 Organs, military personnel, groups, companies, school personnel, vehicle drivers, citizens, and all personnel who make temporary visits to cities must abide by the rules and obey the traffic police's command.

Article 3 Vehicle management personnel and passengers in departments, military units, organizations, enterprises, schools, and other departments shall not be forced to condone driving personnel in violation of this rule.

Article 4 In the event that there is no provision in these rules, vehicles and pedestrians must pass without prejudice to traffic safety.

Article 5 The driving of vehicles and the rushing and riding of livestock must all proceed on the right side of the road.

Article 6 The use of sidewalks, carriageways or other activities that hinder traffic is not permitted without the consent of the local public security bureau.

Article 7 Security facilities such as guardrails must be installed at intersections between railways and streets.