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Pedestrian Traffic Lights Installation
- Apr 09, 2018 -

1. The installation height of the crosswalk signal light is 2~2.5m

2. The orientation of the installation of the crosswalk signal light, the light should be facing the crosswalk

3. Pedestrian crossing signal lights shall be installed on the extension line along the inner side of the crosswalk and on the crosswalk with a distance of 0.8~2m from the curb, and the object light shall be installed.

4. When the area of diversion island waiting for pedestrians is large, crosswalk signals should be installed on diversion islands.

5. If there is a junction at the central isolation zone (including the underpass) and the width of the separation zone is greater than 1.5m, a crosswalk signal light shall be added to the isolation zone.

6. In the section where the traffic of the blind is more concentrated, the crosswalk signal light should be equipped with a sound reminder device (blind bell)

7. When using the pedestrian button, the installation height of the pedestrian button should be within the range of 1.2~1.5m.