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Motor Vehicle And Non-motor Vehicle Signal Lights
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The motor vehicle signal lamp is a group of lamps consisting of three non-patterned circular units of red, yellow and green to guide the traffic of motor vehicles.

The non-motorized traffic lights are a group of lights consisting of red, yellow, and green bicycle units that have a bicycle pattern to guide non-motorized vehicles.

When the green light is on, the vehicles are allowed to pass, but the turning vehicles must not interfere with the passing vehicles and pedestrians that are allowed to pass.

When the yellow light is on, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to travel.

When the red light is on, traffic is prohibited.

In the intersections where non-motorized traffic lights and crosswalk lights are not installed, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians shall follow the instructions of the motor vehicle traffic lights.

When the red light is on, the right-turn vehicle can pass without hindering the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.