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Yellow flashing warning light
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Yellow flashing warning light

Warning light information
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10mm four-element ultra-bright light-emitting diode (LED) with a service life of 100,000 hours; Angle of the light emitting diode light source full in 25 to 30 °, expanding the area of visual Angle; Solar yellow flashlights are powered by monocrystalline silicon solar energy, with 15W battery power and full battery, which can work continuously for 170 hours; The tube particles of the LED are 120, which can increase the service life and luminance, and have a strong visual impact, reminding drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to the danger ahead; The outer surface of the transmission lens is designed with an inclined surface, which can prevent the accumulation of dust on the transmission lens.
The appearance is designed for the LED light source, the structure is ultra-thin, the lamp thickness (the lamp with a 400mm light transmission surface is 150mm); The shell is made of polycarbonate (PC) once injection molding, sealed with silicone rubber seal, dust proof, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging, lamp shell service life 10 years.

Related parameters
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1. Light intensity: 400cd
2. Working voltage: 12V
3. Power: 5W
4. Life of light source: 100,000 hours
5, heat resistance, and 40 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃
6. Viewing Angle: 300
7, visual distance: 300mm signal lamp 300m
8. Damp-heat performance: air relative humidity is 5% ~ 95%
9. Shell protection grade: IP43
10. Flash frequency: 40 ~ 55 times/min
11, insulation resistance: more than 10 m Ω
12. Working time: the battery is fully charged and can work continuously for 170 hours
13. Dust control: conforming to gb14887-2003 standard
14. Anti-vibration: conforming to gb14887-2003 standard
Wind pressure: 145km/h