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Wisdom city scale in China
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Wisdom city scale in China

According to the state information center, the information research department chief engineer ChanZhiGuang, China proposed wisdom city construction of city to 154, the total investment is expected to exceed 1.1 trillion yuan.
On the BBS "wireless city intelligent life", the state information center information research department, the chief engineer ChanZhiGuang tells the story of Chinese wisdom status quo and the problems faced by urban development. According to statistics, by the end of February 2012, China put forward wisdom city construction, the total number has reached 154, plans to invest more than 1.1 trillion yuan. In the 12th five-year plan of the construction of wisdom city or government report ground level above the city a total of 41, including 10 deputy provincial city, municipality directly under the central government in Beijing, Shanghai and tianjin are wisdom city construction are put forward.
The size of the market in 2012, China's Internet industry reached 365 billion yuan, an increase of 38.6% over the previous year. From intelligent security to the smart grid, reach "wisdom city" from the qr code landing, as might be expected to emerging industries, the Internet of things is blossom everywhere, quietly affecting people's lives. Experts point out that, along with the improvement of the technological progress and related supporting, in the next few years, technology and standards for localization, systematic operation and management, industrial grass-roots "will become China's three big trend in the development of the Internet of things.
On April 10, 2013, by the wisdom of building energy conservation of housing urban and rural development and slurry sampling organization urban create specification weaving training held in Beijing. Information provided from the meeting showed that the CDB to provide no less than 80 billion yuan of investment and financing amount, and there were two commercial Banks make promises, said it would provide no less than the CDB credit, to support wisdom urban construction. And other investment institutions are also signed a $200 billion investment in early April. A rough estimate, related investment or will exceed 440 billion yuan.
"Wisdom city" construction into the rush hour. Rapid urbanization driving China's rapid economic development, but also makes the city facing the sustainable development problem. The next phase of the "urbanization" walk "fine management" is necessary to build "a new path of urbanization", so "wisdom city" thus arises at the historic moment. "Wisdom city" refers to the use of advanced information technology, improve the urban planning, construction, management and service of intelligent level, make the city more efficient operation, more agile, more low carbon, is a new mode of urban development in the information age. Sadie information predicted that by 2014, the Chinese wisdom of the city IT the size of the investment is expected to reach more than 1700 one hundred million yuan.

Author:Bunny Sun