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Wisdom city application project
- Nov 16, 2018 -

Wisdom city application project

1, the wisdom of public service: wisdom and urban public services management system. By strengthening the employment, health, culture, professional application system such as housing construction, urban construction and the standardization of the management through ascension, precise and intelligent level, effectively promote urban public resources Shared throughout the whole city, promoting urban traffic, logistics, information flow, cash flow coordination work effectively, in promoting urban efficiency and level of public service at the same time, promote transformation and upgrading of urban development.
2, urban context of wisdom: using visual collection and identification, all kinds of sensors, wireless positioning system, RFID, barcode recognition, visual tags and other top technology, building intelligent visual iot, factors of urban complex intellisense, automatic data collection, covering urban context of commercial, office, residential, hotel, exhibition, catering, conference, entertainment and communication, lighting, information communication and display all aspects, such as the collection of data visualization and standardization, make managers can visually city synthesis management.
3, government affairs city comprehensive management operating platform of wisdom: Such projects have been the actual landing case, tianjin heping district of peace "wisdom city comprehensive management operating platform including command center, computer network computer room, intelligent monitoring system, heping district street library and the digital network system of public service four parts, including command center system includes six great central government wisdom brain system, public security emergency system respectively, and the public service system, the system of social management, urban management system, economic analysis system, public opinion analysis system, the project to meet the needs of government emergency command and decision-making of office, for the existing monitoring system upgrade, Visual analysis equipment, adding intelligence to gain quick reaction speed, to do advance warning, timely handling things quickly, and unified data and network, the construction of sharing platform, data center, fundamentally effective data information connectivity to government departments, and to the whole of heping district traffic, traffic, logistics, realize the comprehensive perception, the platform in heping district economic development, the science of command decision-making to provide technical support for the leadership role.
4, intelligence services. To carry out the pilot work, intelligence community to research on the part of the residential area for the first pilot area, give full consideration to the different needs of the public area, business district, residential areas, the application of Internet of things, the Internet, mobile communications and other information technology, the development of community government affairs, intelligent household system, intelligent building management, intelligence community service, community, remote monitoring, security management, business office wisdom application system, make the residents living "intelligence". To speed up the intelligence community housing standards exploration advance work, the city's new building and intelligent community management for the future.
5, wisdom education culture service: actively promote wisdom education culture system. Construction to improve the city education metropolitan area network and campus network project, promote the development of intelligence education career, key construction comprehensive information network, the network education school, teaching resource, virtual library, digital courseware, teaching comprehensive management system, remote education system resources such as Shared database and Shared application platform system. Continue to push forward the re-education engineering, providing multi-channel education training employment service, the construction of a learning society. Continue to deepen the construction of "cultural sharing", actively push forward advanced the development of network culture, to speed up the press and publishing, radio, film and television, electronic entertainment industry informatization, strengthen information resources integration, improve public cultural service system of information. Build tourism public information service platform, provide a more convenient travel services, promote cultural tourism brand.
6, intelligence service applications. To organize the implementation of part of the pilot project intelligence services, through demonstration, promote traditional service, management and service mode of enterprise management innovation, speed up the service industry transformation to modern wisdom. 1) wisdom logistics: cooperate with integrated logistics park information construction, the promotion of radio frequency identification (RFID), multi-dimensional barcode, satellite positioning, cargo tracking, e-commerce and other information technology application in logistics industry, speed up the logistics information platform based on Internet of things and fourth party logistics information platform construction, integration of logistics resources, realize the integration of e-government services and logistics business services, and promote the informationization, standardization, intelligent logistics enterprises and the development of logistics industry. (2) trade of wisdom: support enterprise through self-built website or third-party e-commerce platform, online inquiry, online purchase, online marketing, e-commerce activities such as online payment. Actively promote trade in services, convention and exhibition industry of tourism, intermediary services and other modern service sector by means of electronic commerce, innovation service mode, improve service levels. In combination with the establishment of the physical market, actively promote online e-commerce platform construction, encourage the development of e-commerce platform for the industrial aggregation point public information service platform, to develop the electronic commerce enterprise, focusing on product display, information release and trading, payment in a body's comprehensive e-commerce enterprise or industry e-commerce sites. (3) the construction of intelligent service industry demonstration base. Actively by informationization application, reform traditional service industry management, management and service mode, speed up to the intelligent transformation of modern service industry. Combined with the current situation of the development of our city services, accelerate the modern finance, service outsourcing, high-end business, modern trade and other modern service industry development.
7, intelligence building the health security system. Focus on promoting the construction of "digital health" system. Establish health service network and the urban community health service system, build the city's regional health information platform of information management as the core, to promote the communication and interaction between medical and health unit information system. Focusing on hospital management and electronic medical records, the establishment of the city's residents to electronic health records; In order to realize the hospital attach more importance to the service network, to promote the remote registration, electronic toll collection, digital remote medical service, medical diagnosis system of pictures and words, etc., intelligent medical system construction, enhance the level of medical and health services.
8, intelligence traffic. Construction of "digital transportation" project, through the monitoring, surveillance, traffic flow distribution optimization technology, improve the public security, urban management, road monitoring system and the information network system, establish a transportation induced travel, taxis and buses, emergency command, intelligent management system, unified, with emphasis on the integrated intelligent urban traffic management and service system construction, and realize the full use of the traffic information, the real-time monitoring and dynamic management of highway traffic, improve monitoring and intelligent management level, ensure safe and smooth traffic transportation.

Author:Bunny Sun