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What should I pay attention to when maintaining high and road light poles-1
- Dec 26, 2018 -

What should I pay attention to when maintaining high and road light poles

With the continuous development of road lighting, the lights of construction in China has achieved rapid development, road lighting quality enhances unceasingly, high-intensity gas discharge lamp is widely used, to improve the investment environment of our country, promote the rapid economic development, convenient masses life, beautify the city and as a foreign-oriented plays a big role in modernization construction of city. Then street lamp street lamp routine maintenance work, appears particularly important! Reasonable maintenance can not only make the life of street lamps long, but also save a lot of manpower and money. So how do we carry out the daily maintenance of street lamps? What facilities and procedures do we need?
I. personnel and mechanical equipment
Machinery: 1 patrol car, 1 street lamp lifting platform.
Personnel: 1 person in charge; 2 engineers; Two water electricians.
Ii. Daily management work
1. Systematically master the specific location and situation of street lighting facilities in the region, establish and improve the daily inspection and management ledger system, carefully organize and archive the backstage work, and timely submit relevant weekly and monthly reports, maintenance plans and maintenance work reports.
2. Conduct daily inspection of all street lamps within the working range, no less than three times a week, and ensure the brightness is no less than 95%;
3. Daily detection, adjustment and maintenance of street lamp control box;
4. Repair and replace damaged materials of street lamps, electrical appliances, control boxes and inspection ports;
5. Compensation for street lamps caused by traffic accidents.
Iii. Safe production and civilized construction
1. Work safely in strict accordance with relevant national regulations and prevent illegal construction operations;
2. Take good care of the facilities on the job site, so as to clear the field.
Iv. Management system
(1) regulations on the use management of patrol vehicles
1. Drivers must love their jobs, obey the command, obey the dispatch, and abide by the traffic laws and regulations and various management systems of their positions.
2, the driver to take all the documents, do safe driving, is strictly prohibited private use of the bus and drunk driving, without permission, not allowed to hand over the vehicle to others driving, otherwise there are violations of the rules and regulations traffic accident vehicle damage and other problems, by the parties to assume full responsibility.
3. The driver shall check and maintain the vehicle before and after leaving the vehicle, and keep the vehicle in good technical condition to ensure that it can accept the task at any time.
4, the maintenance of the vehicle must be in accordance with the application, signed, budget, examination and approval, maintenance procedures, out of the car in the way of failure, need to find a manufacturer for maintenance, must report to the head of the telephone, to be approved before maintenance.
(2) street lamp management system
1. In order to standardize, standardize and institutionalize the management of street lamps in the management area, further improve the maintenance and management level of street lamps, and formulate relevant regulations based on the actual work of street lamps.
2. The maintenance and management of street lighting facilities shall adhere to the principle of safety first, quality assurance and energy conservation, and earnestly implement various rules and regulations to ensure the intact, normal operation and bright rate of street lighting facilities.
3. Voluntarily accept the inspection of the competent department and the supervision of the public, timely replace and repair the damaged street lighting facilities, so that the lighting rate is not equal to 96%.
4. According to the specific situation, the following energy-saving methods shall be adopted:
A. According to the pedestrian and vehicle flow light factors of the road, the road section shall be illuminated by light reduction in different time periods;
B. Clean the lighting fixtures regularly to improve the lighting effect.
5. Responsibilities of street lamp maintenance personnel
A. The inspection team leader shall be responsible for the personal, traffic and construction safety of the team members, ensure the quality of technology, and lead the whole team to conduct civilized and safe construction.
B. Team members and drivers should obey the leadership of the group leader, cooperate with each other, complete the maintenance tasks on time and according to the quality, complete the indicators of lighting rate, facility completion rate and timely repair rate assessed by the superior, and complete other tasks temporarily assigned.
C. the group leader shall lead by example, adhere to quality service, and lead the whole group to strictly implement various systems and technical indicators.
D. The group leader is responsible for arranging daily maintenance records, setting safety standards when repairing lights, wearing a safety helmet, paying attention to the dynamics of vehicles and pedestrians, taking effective preventive measures, and closely observing the working range to ensure safety when performing high-altitude and electrified operations.
E. Timely identify and deal with problems in maintenance work, and report to the person in charge of maintenance.
F. use every possible means to conserve energy and materials, protect public property, do a good job in repairing and utilizing materials, make the three-phase load close to balance, and do not stop the operation of street lamps and street lamp facilities without reason.