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What kinds of XinTong street light are there?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

What kinds of XinTong street light are there?

Classification methods of street light:
1. Divide by street lamp height:
High pole lamp, middle pole lamp, street light, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp, underground lamp;
2. According to the material of lamp posts of street lamps:
Hot-dip galvanized iron lamps, hot-dip galvanized steel lamps and stainless steel lamps;
3. According to the light source of street lamps:
Sodium lamp street lamp, LED street lamp, energy-saving street light, new Simon lamp.
4. According to the style:
Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single-arm street light, double-arm street lamp.
5. Power supply:

The city electric street lamp, the solar energy street lamp, the scenery complements the street light In addition, street light are usually categorized according to the shape of the light they emit. The international lighting commission (CIE) recommends that the project, expansion and control should be carried out according to the specific division method.
1. Projection. Represents the extent to which the light emitted by the lamp diffuses along the longitudinal direction of the road, divided into three types: short, medium and long.
2. Expansion. Represents the horizontal diffusion degree of light emitted by lamps and lanterns on the road, divided into narrow, general and wide 3 kinds.
3. Control. Indicates the degree of luminaire control glare, which can be divided into three types: limited, medium and strict.
The installation methods of street lamp include bracket type, high lift type, straight bar type, suspension cable type and suction wall type.

Author:Bunny Sun