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What kind of material is used in the threading pipe of general outdoor lighting street lamp?
- Dec 21, 2018 -

What kind of material is used in the threading pipe of general outdoor lighting street lamp?

PE buried threading pipe is generally used
At present, China's current situation is that iron lamp pole occupies the majority of the market share, and aluminum alloy lamp pole is mostly exported to foreign countries, especially developed countries. The types of tubes are shown as follows:
1, stainless steel lamp pole, the way our country adopts is to conduct hot galvanized surface treatment, hot galvanized products in line with international standards of life can reach 15 years. Otherwise it's far from there. Most of them are used in courtyards, communities, parks and other places
2, iron lamp pole: our country is this kind of lamp pole for the most part, it is a surface to do spraying only (brush paint or spray powder processing), life is 3~5 years. The iron lamppost that general road illume USES is more
3, aluminum alloy lamp pole: high strength aluminum alloy manufacturing, not only humanized to protect the safety of personnel, and high strength, do not need any surface treatment has more than 50 years of corrosion resistance, and very beautiful. It looks more upscale.
Specific lamp tube material requirements are as follows:
1. Dual-arm road lamps are double-carry single fire lamps. Motor vehicle lane lamps are 11.5 meters from the ground, sidewalk lamps 8.5 meters from the ground. The light source of fast lane street lamps is 120WLED street lamps, and the light source of sidewalk street lamps is 80WLED street lamps. Highway general use 12m high bar lamp, cantilever one-on-one hit double carry, 400W high pressure sodium lamp.
2. The lamp-pole material is made of high-quality Q235A steel (the silicon content of the steel is not higher than 0.04%, refer to Shanghai baosteel, masteel, shougang, etc.), which is bent and shaped into a conical rod. The lamp-pole is made of 4mm thick steel plate, and the thickness of the lamp-pole wall does not include the thickness of galvanized layer. The main pole of the light pole is a conical rod, the diameter of the upper mouth is about 85mm, and the diameter of the lower mouth is about 200mm. The steel pipe with a diameter of 60mm is adopted for the pole hoisting, and the motor vehicle lane with an outer hoisting length of 1.6m, a sidewalk of 1.2m and a wall thickness of 3mm are adopted.
3, the surface of the lamp pole is smooth, there must not be any cracking, welding leakage, continuous porosity, edge bite, inequality phenomenon. The straight line error of the Central Line of the light pole shall not exceed 0.02% of the length of the rod, and the appearance of the rod body shall not be uneven or imprinted, and the appearance of the light pole shall not have obvious defects.
4, light pole welding method for automatic arc welding, ultrasonic flaw detection, reaches the GBl1345 Ⅱ level standards. The socket of the lamp pole is fixed with nail and top wire.
5. The lamp pole is treated with hot-dip galvanized anticorrosion, and the zinc layer is not less than 75 microns. The surface is practical and smooth, and the color is basically the same.
6. The lamp pole shall be sprayed with high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, color to be agreed upon, smooth surface, stable plastic layer quality, fade-proof, non-shedding, strong adhesion, strong ultraviolet resistance, service life shall not be less than 20 years, the thickness is greater than 80um, in line with astmd339-83 standards.