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What is the taper of the lamp post?
- Jan 06, 2019 -

What is the taper of the lamp post

Technical standard for main light poles of wind-solar complementary street lamps
1. Q235 steel tube with a wall thickness of 4mm and a height of 10m;
2, independent lamp body, taper 11; The taper error shall not be greater than 1/1000, the total length error shall not be greater than 5MM, and the roundness error shall not be greater than 1MM;
3. Upper diameter: 80MM, lower diameter: 212MM;
4. Wind resistance: 60m /s;
5. The light pole is made of high-quality low-carbon hot-rolled steel plate by plasma cutting, bending and automatic welding. The welding seam conforms to GB/T3323 -- 1987 level iii standard, with a melting depth of over 85%.
6. The lamp pole is treated with internal and external hot-dip galvanized anticorrosive treatment. The zinc layer thickness is greater than 85UM, which conforms to zbj3601-89 standard.
7. The surface of the lamp post is sprayed with plastic, using a disposable spraying production line with a length of up to 60M. The color is designated by the customer.