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What is the height of the street lamp?
- Dec 11, 2018 -

What is the height of the street lamp?

Section 1 general standards
A, high light
1. The installation height of lamps and lanterns must be the same as that of street lamps and lanterns (the height from the luminous center to the ground). Small bend lamp one meter lamp 5-6 meters ordinary street long arm lamp and pendant lamp 6.5-7.5 meters fast lane arc lamp not less than 8 meters slow lane arc lamp not less than 6.5 meters
2. The special lamp type shall be installed according to the design requirements, and the height of the lamp shall be equal to the width of the road to be illuminated. Only when one side lighting H ≌ L H ≌ L / 2 when lighting on both sides of, H: lamps and lanterns installation height (meters) L: right (m)
Two, the lamp elevation Angle
1, lamps and lanterns elevation street width and light distribution curve of lamps and lanterns to decide, the elevation Angle of each street should be consistent.
2. When the lamp holder is adjustable, the center line of the light source should fall within L/3-1/2 of the width of the road.
3. After the installation of the long arm lamp (or the arm lamp), the lamp head side shall be raised 100 mm higher than the pole side.
4. The elevation Angle of special lamps shall be determined according to the light distribution curve.
Section two: street lamps
1, lamps and lanterns should be firm and correct, declined to loose, crooked evil phenomenon.
2, lampshade should be intact, not broken.
3, enamel umbrella rust, deformation should be replaced.
4, the lamp reflector surface failure, should be replaced.
5, reflector of lamps and lanterns is in carriage, should not damage or be out of shape in installing a process, chimney should add colloid, brush try bright, when the lamp mouth is porcelain broken dew copper, should give change.
6. The lamp and lamp body shall not be bent. Spring eyeliner shall be added to fix screws of all parts.
7, cast iron lamp head crack, drop can not be used, no rubber luan lu atmosphere lu??
8, the lamp body hoop should be suitable for pole, device service should not be too long.
9. The transparent cover and reflector of the lamp body shall be cleaned and wiped clean during maintenance, and those that cannot be cleaned on site shall be replaced.
10. The buckle ring of the transparent cover should be complete and easy to use, so as to prevent reliable hook off the cover.
11, lamps and lanterns dust felt strip to be complete, not complete to repair and replace.
12, lamp lump and lamp tube flange must be matched with cracks and scars, screws to be complete, bolt length should be able to penetrate the lamp lump flange.
13, when a lamp is applicable to different specifications of the bulb, the lamp mouth fixed point should be adjusted to the same position as the bulb capacity, get the best light distribution curve.
14, all kinds of iron parts are not serious rust or cracks, scars and other conditions such as paint peel rust removal should be painted or galvanized.
15. The lead wire of the cap of the closed lamps and lanterns shall be protected by heat-resistant insulated pipe (asbestos pipe or porcelain pipe).
Section 3 stand leather line
1, vertical leather line should be insulated leather line, copper core declined less than 1.37 mm, aluminum core declined less than 1.76 mm.
2. When the vertical leather wire is connected with overhead conductor, it shall be overlapped symmetrically on both sides of the pole, and the overlapped part shall be 400-600 mm away from the center of the rod, and the two sides shall be consistent.
3, vertical line connected to the power side
4, vertical leather line more than four meters, the middle should be added to support fixed, not less than 7/1.0 insulation stranded wire, received in the standard issued by the single cross binding.
5. When the main line and vertical line are of different metals, the interphase binding wire shall be used as the transition joint bow, the longest of which shall not exceed 100mm.
6, the vertical leather line should be black tie line in the insulation support do turn around do not use this line winding.
7, when the power line out of the iron pipe or gray pole hole should add plastic pipe, pipe length is not less than 200 mm.
8. There can be at most one joint in the vertical line flying section. The joint shall be wound around both sides of the winding for 5-7 times and coated with adhesive cloth.
9. Power cables that are inserted into iron pipes and rod holes are not allowed to have connectors.
10. Vertical line is not allowed to pass between high voltage lines.
11, from the high voltage lead close to the pole pole vertical line, need 7/1.0 insulation stranded wire, it and the mainline connection back buckle should be used to wrap another 30~50 mm tie wire.
12, the lamp line to be tied up, neat and appropriate, broken skin exposed naked line should be replaced.
13. The distance between the street lamp vertical line and the household line during the maximum swing is no less than 50mm.
In the construction and maintenance of the power supply bow connected to the vertical line, pliers shall be used to tighten it.
15, capacitors, ballasts at the screw pressure line, the maximum pressure of two wire ends, wire end bending direction should be clockwise and flat pad pressure.
16. The zero line of the street lamp vertical line shall not be overlapped with the zero line of the user's household line, so as to prevent the power supply from being reflected from the user's table when the zero line is disconnected from the zero line of the zero line.
17, public toilet lighting, according to the bureau issued to receive line standards.
18, long arm lamp (large light) horizontal line and vertical line in the same bottle tied back, should leave the transition bow.
Section 4 flight insurance and branch insurance
1. All street lamps shall be protected by fuse and installed on the live wire.
2, with ballast, capacitor lamps, the fuse must be installed in the ballast and electric fuse outside.
Mercury vapor lamps of 250 watts or less, 5 ampere fuse for incandescent lamps. The 250-watt sodium lamp will have a 7.5-ampere fuse. 400w sodium lamp with 10 ampere fuse.
4, incandescent chandelier should be installed with two insurance, pole 10 ampere, lamp head 5 ampere.
2 13 black binding wire 1.0m /M 1.5m
Section 5 long arm lamp
1, long arm lamp hoop must wear a pair of mother, and pole should be fixed firmly, decline rotation.
2, light body should be straight, the ministries will tighten the screw, feeder and the lamp body is not less than 330 ° Angle, light body and the road into a vertical.
3. After the installation of the long arm lamp body, the front end shall be twisted about 100M/M.
4, long arm lamp horizontal line should be tight and flat.
5, long arm lamp horizontal line and vertical line connection, there should be a transition bow.
6. Ballast, capacitor and lamp insurance shall be installed at the lamp head.
Long arm lamp: # material table made up of the gauge norm weight 1 mercury lamp and sodium lamp bulb 1 lamp plate Ф 400 1 2 3 cast iron lamp holder 900 # 1 4 lamp 922 # 923 # 1 5 lamp 920 # 921 # 1 6 bottles of plate (third eye) 200 # 924 # 7 3 # 2 set bottle fly Ф 12 spring washers 8 8 insurance with fuse line 1 9 skin BBX ~ 1.76, embrace hoop rod diameter on 2 November sichuan ding Ф 16 x 40 4 12 ballast 1 13 ballast hangs Taiwan 1 screw 14 M - 5 (generation female, flat pad, spring pad) 15 1 capacitor 16 chimney aprons 2 16 17 18 black tie line Ф spring line 4 8
Increasing illumination may reduce the error rate, in areas where there is a possibility of persistent error, it is recommended to use a higher illumination.
Due to the high speed operation in the production process and the region prone to errors and the surrounding areas, it is recommended to use a higher illumination and color rendering light source.
In the working area that does not have window or natural light, low illuminance makes person mood easily depressed, in order to let working personnel feel comfortable and happy, suggest to use the illuminant of higher illuminance and high color temperature. (illumination should not be less than 500lux) staff need to work at night in the area, it is recommended that the illumination should not be less than 500lux.