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What is the development history of traffic lights?
- Oct 04, 2018 -

The origin of traffic lights:
Traffic light is to point to by red, yellow, and green three colors of light used to direct traffic signal lamp, first appeared in the early 19th century in England in the middle of the city of york a allusions, only two colors red and green traffic lights at the time, with the development of a variety of means of transport and the need of traffic control, the first genuine three color lamp (red, yellow, and green three mark) was born in 1918. It is a three-color, circular, four-sided projector that was installed on a tower on fifth street in New York City.
Development history of traffic lights:
At the beginning of the 19th century, red and green respectively represented different identities of women in york city, central England. Among them, the woman in red means I am married, while the woman in green means unmarried. Later, the British parliament in London before the big accidents often occur the carriage rolled, so people are red green, December 10, 1868, lights the first member of the family of the house of parliament in London was born, and in the square by the then British mechanical ethics, design and manufacture of light 7 meters high, hanging on a light red, green lantern, gas traffic lights, this is the first traffic lights of the city streets. At the foot of the lamp, a police officer with a long pole changes the color of the lantern by shifting the belt at will. Later, a gas chimney was installed in the center of the signal light, with two pieces of red and green glass alternating in front. Unfortunately, a gas lamp that had been on the scene for only 23 days suddenly exploded, killing a policeman on duty.
Since then, city traffic lights have been banned. It wasn't until 1914 that traffic lights were restored in Cleveland, but this was the "electric light." Traffic lights later reappeared in cities like New York and Chicago.

With the development of various means of transportation and the demand of traffic command, the first true tri-color lamp (red, yellow and green signs) was born in 1918. It is a three-color, circular, four-sided projector that was installed on a tower on fifth street in New York City.

The inventor of the yellow light is hu ruding of our country. He went to the United States with the ambition of "saving the country through science" and worked as a clerk in the American general electric company where the great inventor Thomas Edison was the chairman. One day, he stood at a busy intersection waiting for the green light signal. When he saw the red light and was about to pass, a turning car passed by with a loud exclamation, which scared him into a cold sweat. Back in the dorm, he thought about it and finally thought of adding a yellow light to the red and green lights to alert people to the danger. His suggestion was immediately recognized by the concerned parties. So the red, yellow and green signal light is a complete command signal family, all over the world land, sea, air traffic field.

Author:Bunny Sun