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What are the technical parameters required for traffic lights?
- Jan 22, 2019 -

What are the technical parameters required for traffic lights?

A traffic light is a silent "traffic policeman". A red light is a stop signal and a green is a go signal. Intersection, several directions to the car are gathered here, some to go straight, some to turn, exactly let who go first, this is to follow the traffic lights command. Red light, no straight or left turn, without hindering pedestrians and vehicles, allow vehicles to turn right; Green light, allowing vehicles to go straight or turn; Yellow light, stop in the intersection stop line or crosswalk line, has continued to pass; When the yellow light flashes, it warns the vehicle to pay attention to safety.
Light emitting diode (LED) is used as the light source for traffic signal lamp. Under the rated voltage of 220V ac, the power of a single light emitting unit does not exceed 25W.
The rated working voltage of the power supply of the traffic signal lamp is AC220V and 50Hz; When the power supply voltage fluctuates in the range of AC220V 44V and 50Hz 2Hz, it can work normally.
Traffic light technical data and related requirements:
The luminous intensity is: red and yellow LED diode luminous intensity is greater than 600mcd, using ultra-high brightness four-element LED as the light source, in line with the international industrial level ii anti-static (esd-2000) standard. The light intensity of green LED tube is greater than 6000mcd, which is sealed by American CREE chip. The light color conforms to the regulations of GBI14887. Chromaticity requirements: red 625nm, yellow 590nm, green 505nm.
The traffic signal light USES four light combination type. Red, yellow and green are full screen lights and digital displays. Plateful lamp arranges a way to want intensive. LED service life is not less than 80,000 hours, LED signal light visual distance is not less than 1000 meters. Single lamp power consumption less than 10 w, operating voltage ac180-260, no color change. PCD circuit boards are rigid printed circuit boards made of flame retardant materials and tinned. The coating is non-oxidized with a thickness of over 1.8mm. The lead wire of each light-emitting unit shall be a wire that conforms to the national electrical standards and the wire diameter shall not be less than 1.5mm. All components were aging tested, and electrical and optical parameters were tested.
The inlet of traffic signal lamps is provided with reliable measures of insulation, waterproofing and dustproof to ensure that the road traffic signal lamps are not lower than the IP53 protection level.
The shell structure is rigorous, beautiful appearance, strict seal, moisture-proof, dustproof.
1. The traffic signal light shall comply with gb14887-2003 (technical requirements and test methods of road traffic signal light).
2. The technical indicators of traffic lights are tested by the product quality supervision and testing center of the ministry of public security, and corresponding test reports are available.
3. The traffic signal light lens is made of polycarbonate with high light transmittance and has a service life of 10 years.
4. All the seals in the traffic lights are made of silicone rubber, and no aging and hardening will occur during the 10-year trial period at high and low temperatures.
5. Operating voltage: AC220V 44V 50HZ 2, power 12W.
6. Wavelength: red 625nm, yellow 590nm, green 505nm.
7, environment humidity: - 40 ℃ to 70 ℃, relative humidity ≦ 93%.
8. Visual range of 35