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What are the design standards for street lamps-3
- Dec 20, 2018 -
3. Cloth lights for crosswalks -- cloth lights for crosswalks are very important for drivers to drive safely, especially in narrow places where drivers cannot see clearly the people who want to cross the road. Once seen clearly, pedestrians are already on the road, which increases the danger, so it is necessary to increase the brightness of the lower space outside the crosswalk. Plant high-lever trees in places where pedestrians pass by, and cut branches in time. In order to avoid glare, should not install lamps and lanterns in the front of the crosswalk, our country stipulates the vehicle runs on the right side, because this lamplight appropriate, illuminate from the left side. The illumination around the crosswalk should also be strengthened. Generally, the average illumination between 50m before and 50m after the crosswalk should be greater than 30lx.
4. Lighting layout of the bend when the radius of the bend is less than 1000m, lighting shall be processed according to the curve, and generally lamps shall be placed on the side of the bend. In this way, the route can be identified from a distance as a curve by the bright spot of the light. The closer to the center of the curve, the closer the distance between the lamps and lanterns is. If the radius of the bend is small, the longitudinal spacing of the lamps should be reduced to increase the illumination of the road surface.
Corner cloth lamp
5. Ramp lighting layout when a vehicle passes through a steep slope changing point, the lighting effect of the vehicle headlights becomes worse, so the illumination degree of the road surface should be improved, that is, the spacing of lamps and lanterns should be reduced.
6. In order to clearly identify the track bar and railway, it is necessary to select the lighting point that can illuminate both the track bar and the railway entrance at the same time. The lamps and lanterns should not be set in the front of the driver's travel direction to avoid glare. The horizontal distance l between the street lamp and the movable railing is 3.5-4m. The illumination of the outer side of the track bar should be greater than 5lx, and the illumination of the railway crossing should be greater than 10lx.
Lights at railway crossings
In a word, the layout of street lamps should take into account the needs of functions in the first place, so as to have sufficient illumination and avoid glare. To ensure safety, it is often necessary to compare technical and economic indicators repeatedly to determine the best solution.