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What are the design standards for street lamps-1
- Dec 18, 2018 -

What are the design standards for street lamps

The standard specification of street lamp lighting design includes: the installation height of lamps and lanterns must be the same as that of street lamps and lanterns (the height from the luminous center to the ground). Small bend lamp 1 meter lamp 5-6 meters ordinary street long arm lamp and chandelier 6.5-7.5 meters fast lane arc lamp not less than 8 meters slow lane arc lamp not less than 6.5 meters; Special lamp type is installed according to the design requirements, the height of the lamp is equal to the width of the road to be illuminated. Only when one side lighting H ≌ L H ≌ L / 2 when lighting on both sides of, H: lamps and lanterns installation height (meters) L: road (m).
Installation height of street lamp lighting
In order to avoid glare, diffuse reflection lamps (d)(e)(f) and street lamps should not be installed at a height less than 4.5m. The distance between the lampposts can be 25 ~ 30m, the lamppost spacing into the bend should be appropriately reduced. When the width of the road is A, the height of the garden lamp can be selected according to 0.6a (single-side lighting) to 1.2a (double-side symmetrical lighting), but not higher than 3.5m. The spacing of garden light poles can be 15~20m.
Street lamps should extend from the cliff of the road 0.6 ~ 1m, the elevation Angle on the horizontal line of street lamps should be 5 degrees, and the brightness of the road surface should not be less than 1cd/m2. Outdoor lighting should be installed in each pole in a separate short circuit protection. The ratio of the minimum illumination to the maximum illumination should be between 1:10 and 1:15.
Outdoor lighting should be in the duty room or substation room for remote control, and in the middle of the night can turn off part of the lights. When three-phase power distribution is adopted for outdoor lighting, three-phase load balance should be maintained in different lamp control modes. The configuration position of the light pole in the outdoor parking square shall not affect the traffic. Parking square lighting can be used with high color rendering, long life light source.
High bar lighting should use axisymmetric light distribution lamps and lanterns, the installation height H can be determined by the following formula: H is greater than or equal to 0.5r
R is the radius of the illuminated area in m. Tall rod illume appropriate USES can rise and fall type lamp dish.
The layout of street lamps is limited by many objective conditions, and many factors need to be considered, which in turn influence and restrict each other. Such as the level of the road, traffic flow, speed, road width, road structure, lighting power, installation height and intersection and other conditions are different plane layout.