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Types of traffic lights
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Traffic lights consist of red, green, and yellow lights. The red light indicates that the passage is forbidden, the green light indicates that the passage is permitted, and the yellow light indicates the warning. Traffic lights are divided into: motor vehicle lights, non-motor vehicle lights, crosswalk lights, direction indicating lights (arrow lights) and so on.

Vehicle traffic light is used to direct the vehicle's red, yellow, and green signals, and is set at a conspicuous place at intersections. The motor vehicle signal light is a set of three non-patterned circular units of red, yellow, and green. Guide the traffic of the motor vehicle; the lane signal light consists of a fork-shaped pattern and an arrowhead pattern to guide the vehicles in the lane to follow the instructions; the direction-indicating light is a set of lights consisting of red, yellow and green three internal arrow patterns. To guide motor vehicles to pass in the direction indicated.

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