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Traffic signal control machine
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Traffic signal control machine

Networked intelligent traffic signal control machine is a kind of traffic signal control machine which can meet various control demands of urban traffic to the greatest extent through the development and production of various equipment and systems in the field of urban traffic and has accumulated strong technical strength and experience, drawing on and absorbing foreign advanced technology and control concept.

Current situation of the development of

The development of traffic signal machine abroad
Britain, Australia, the United States, France, Italy and Canada and other western developed countries in the application of traffic control research early development, human and material input, advanced results, good control effect. In terms of the control range of traffic signal control followers, traffic signal control has experienced point control, line control and developed to face control. From the point of view of the control mode, the adaptive control has experienced the development of periodic control and induction control. [1]
The development of traffic signal control machine in China
With the rapid development of road traffic in China, the continuous improvement of urbanization level and the continuous expansion of urban scale, the dependence of traffic management on road traffic control technology and the increasing demand for road signal products are becoming a trend. Especially in recent years, with the deepening of the smooth project implementation, local governments and road traffic management departments actively adopt various advanced technology to improve the urban road traffic management level, increase for a variety of road traffic infrastructure and the important road traffic management equipment, signal manufacturing industry in our country faced a good market opportunity, got rapid development.
Signal machine is an important equipment for controlling traffic signals at intersections. It is an important part of traffic signal control. All kinds of traffic control schemes are ultimately realized by signal machine. At present, signal machines have been widely used in traffic management of large and medium-sized cities in China to control traffic signals at intersections at single points, trunk lines or regions. The technical level and reliability of signal machine are directly related to its role in road traffic signal control and signal control system, and thus have the most direct impact on the scientificity and effectiveness of urban road traffic management.
According to incomplete statistics, there are about 50 signal generator manufacturers in China, and the main product types are multi-period timing type, induction type and centralized coordination type. Since the 1970s, China's own research and development of signal, after more than 30 years of development, the domestic signal quality level has been significantly improved. Especially in the public security industry standard GA47-2002 after the implementation of road traffic signal control machine, the domestic various enterprises earnestly implement standard in research, development, production, improve the quality consciousness, strengthens the quality management, and can produce the centralized coordination signal obviously increase, overall, signal product manufacturing and r&d level in our country and the signal of the technical level has been improved obviously.
However, from the perspective of the status quo of the whole industry, enterprises are generally small in scale, with weak ability of scientific research, development and innovation. Most of the products take multi-period timing signal machine as the mainstream, and not many enterprises can develop coordinated signal machine of production system. In addition, many signal machines used in cities are developed by local traffic management departments themselves, with simple structure and single function. In the third quarter of 2003, the traffic safety product quality supervision and testing center of the ministry of public security carried out the national quality supervision and inspection on signal machines produced by domestic enterprises, and the qualified rate of product sampling was only 36.4%, basically reflecting the quality level of signal machines in China. At the same time, it can be clearly seen that there is a certain gap between the overall level of China's signal and foreign signal.