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Traffic induction system
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Traffic induction system

The TGS, or Traffic Flow Guidance System, also known as the TRGS, Traffic Route Guidance System or VNS, Vehicle Navigation System, is based on modern technologies such as electronics, computers, networks and communications. Provide route guidance instructions to road users based on the starting and ending points of the traveler or help road users find an optimal path from the starting point to the destination by obtaining real-time traffic information.
The characteristic of this system is to integrate people, cars and roads, improve the road traffic system by inducing the road users' travel behavior, prevent the occurrence of traffic jams, reduce the lingering time of vehicles on the road, and finally realize the reasonable distribution of traffic flow on each section of the road network.

According to the scope of traffic induction information, the traffic flow induction system can be divided into in-car induction system and off-car induction system.
In the in-car induction system, real-time traffic information is transmitted between the vehicle and the information center. This kind of induction system induces a single vehicle, also known as an individual vehicle induction system. The induction mechanism of this kind of system is relatively clear and easy to achieve the purpose of induction. At present, this kind of system is used in developed countries, but it has high requirements on vehicle facilities and information transmission technology, and the cost is relatively expensive.
In the external vehicle induction system, the traffic induction information is transmitted between the vehicle flow detector, the information center and the external field information display equipment (traffic information board, traffic induction screen, etc.). The induced object is the traffic flow group, also known as the group vehicle induction system. The system is relatively cheap.
At the present stage in China, the commonly designed and implemented traffic induction system is an off-vehicle induction system. This kind of system, with less investment and quick effect, has a better inducement effect on group vehicles.
Generally, such off-road guidance system can be divided into urban traffic guidance system (including urban street guidance information release system, urban parking guidance system, etc.) and highway traffic guidance system (including highway traffic guidance system, etc.).
After the conditions are mature, the construction of the traffic induction system can be further expanded on the basis of the off-vehicle induction system, and the in-vehicle induction system can be built.

Author:Bunny Sun