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Traffic induction screen
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Traffic induction screen

Generally speaking, the traffic-induced screen refers to the screen made by LED light-emitting diode (LED) secondary control, [1] is used to play the role of traffic induction. It is commonly used in highways.

At intersections and other places, people are reminded to pay attention to safety when traveling.
To disseminate traffic knowledge to the public and provide timely information on urban traffic,
It is also used to show some weather, temperature, etc.
Give out the traveling driver friend to bring convenience. Help to build good traffic order.
Traffic-induced screen means made of LED light for a while, used to display with the function of induced traffic, it is generally applied to highway, covey traffic-induced screen by screen, drive system, control system, communications equipment, power supply system and door frame, and other components of the box body, traffic-induced screen contains graphics inducing sign, is made up of ordinary road signs and variable message sign of the combination of multifunctional information display.
The traffic guidance screen provides the driver with the direction of the road ahead in a graphic way that presents the overall route outline of the road. An LED variable light belt is embedded in the section marking area of static graphics, through which different colors of LED are luminous. The image indicates that these sections are in a real-time road condition in the state of unimpeded (green), blocked (red) or crowded (orange), so that drivers can judge and select appropriate driving routes to play the role of traffic induction
The traffic induction screen has obvious advantages such as visual display, large amount of information, relatively short time of recognition, and driving directions for drivers who are not familiar with road conditions.
Information display and advertising of the exhibition center, sports venues, airports, docks, stations, streets, highways, etc. According to the display pixel size, there are P10mm, P12mm, P14mm, P16mm, P20mm and other specifications. The display category is divided into outdoor single red, outdoor double base color (red and green), outdoor full color.

Author:Bunny Sun