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There are three types of electronic police
- Jan 05, 2019 -

There are three types of electronic police

There are three types of electronic police: film electronic police, digital electronic police and video electronic police.
As the perfect combination of video monitoring and intelligent transportation system, electronic police system has always been the focus of development and attention of all sectors of society. China's electronic police system has ushered in greater opportunities and challenges from research and development to application. As an enterprise as long as you follow the enacted "red light automatic recording system general technical conditions", "the road vehicle intelligent monitoring system of record general technical conditions" standard, electronic police system can achieve information sharing, so as to realize the long-distance illegal transfer of nationwide, really play a "specification of China road traffic order, ensure the roads and prevent and stop the traffic accident".
The "electronic police" in China's road traffic management system comes into being with the development of science and technology. It as an effective means of modern road traffic safety management, can quickly monitoring, capturing, processing traffic violation, quickly obtain illegal evidence, to provide effective monitoring means, has played an important role in improving urban traffic congestion phenomenon, it has become a indispensable important in road traffic management team, in order to give full play to its accurate and fair law enforcement action.
Electronic police have advantages and disadvantages
Optical camera electronic police
Advantages: simple and reliable system, low maintenance, low cost, long life, relatively clear license plate photos, simple control unit, good night photo effect using electronic flash, one camera can capture multiple lanes.
Disadvantages: the photos are in the form of film, the number of photos is small, the manual work of changing the film is large, the film and photos need to be developed, and the post-production cost is high, and the photos cannot be transmitted. Can't capture continuously.
Video electronic police camera
Pros: the camera is an industrial-grade product that can be captured continuously. The system is composed of an industrial personal computer (or embedded computer) image card I/O card. Photos can be transmitted and license plate recognition software can be added to automatically identify the license plate number. Transition from standard definition camera to hd camera. Convenient for remote login and background maintenance.
Disadvantages: unable to identify red lights in strong sunlight, weak evidence, using LED light supplement, poor night photos, invalid photos. The failure to see red lights is a fatal problem for the system, which consists of multiple cameras, one for each lane and one for the panorama. In addition, the system is complex, poor reliability, large amount of maintenance, high cost, short life, difficult to install and debug, video electronic police are intersections ipc or embedded computer high temperature crash phenomenon.
Digital camera electronic police
Advantages: high photo pixel (4-10 million), clear photos, good night photo effect supplemented by electronic flash, a camera can capture multiple lanes, low cost, can best reflect the three elements of running a red light in a photo, red light, license plate, parking line is clear and convincing evidence. Photos can be downloaded at intersections, or can be wired or wireless transmission, using a fixed-focus digital camera program can be very good to adapt to the new requirements of electronic police, is a cheap program, strong persuasion, in line with the ministry of public security standards. With embedded computer control, the Linux operating system runs stably. Under the conditions of high temperature, high humidity and mechanical vibration, the system is stable and reliable. Fixed focus digital camera transformation is simple, good stability, low price, life of more than three years.
Cons: fixed-focus digital cameras can't snap continuously, while SLR digital cameras can snap continuously. But SLR digital cameras cost five to six times as much as fixed-focus ones. The life of an electronic flash is not as long as that of an LED refill light, which needs to be replaced frequently (2-3 months), but the refill effect of an electronic flash is the best.
Electronic police equipment can't be shut down
"If the electronic police do not capture the picture, the driver can feel free to choose the road according to the actual traffic flow through the intersection." In response to citizens' Suggestions, the traffic police department said that the e-police did not take photos, and the vehicle could indeed pass through the intersection quickly, but the "going their own way" is a basic traffic rule, and if the driver does not follow it, it is very likely to have a traffic accident.
In addition, running red lights, speeding and other illegal ACTS are not regulated, the consequences are very serious. Now these intersections are congested in the morning and evening rush hours. Once there is a traffic accident, the rescue vehicles cannot reach the scene, which will be very troublesome.