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The export process
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Export process is the orderly combination of a series of activities carried out by export workers in export work. Includes quotation, order, payment, packing, customs clearance and shipment preparation.

In international trade is generally by the inquiry of the product, quotation as the beginning of trade. Among them, the quotation for export products mainly includes: quality grade of products, product specifications and models, whether there are special packaging requirements, quantity of products purchased, delivery time, transportation mode of products, materials of products and other contents.
Commonly used quotations are EXW "free on board", FOB" on board ", C&F/CFR" cost and freight ", CIF" cost ", insurance and freight ", etc.

After both parties of the trade have reached their intention to make an offer, the buyer's enterprise shall place an order formally and negotiate with the seller's enterprise on some related matters. After the two parties have agreed on the offer through consultation, a purchase contract shall be signed. In the process of signing the purchase contract, mainly discuss the commodity name, specification, model, quantity, price, packaging, place of origin, shipment date, payment terms, settlement method, claim and arbitration, etc., and write the agreement reached after negotiation into the purchase contract. This marks the official beginning of export business. Under normal circumstances, the signing of a purchase contract shall be executed in two copies with the company's official seal stamped by both parties. Each party shall keep one copy.

Author:Bunny Sun