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Technical characteristics of intelligent traffic signal control machine
- Dec 02, 2018 -

Technical characteristics of intelligent traffic signal control machine

Technical characteristics
The editor
With good practicality, the technology, equipment and control software used conform to the characteristics of China's traffic, easy to use and maintain, with the ability to connect the network for system control.
Stable and reliable operation, with the ability of automatic fault detection and alarm. High-performance embedded microcomputer technology, the use of high security, strong scalability of the LINUX operating system, modular application design.
Key technologies are open and extensible.
Good compatibility. Multi-mode detection interface technology. Provide level access and serial communication interface, can access video detector, microwave detector and other motor vehicle detection equipment.
The advanced nature
Design is based on mature, international mainstream technology; High precision voltage and current detection technology. It adopts unique detection technology to realize high-precision digital detection of signal lamp driving voltage and current. Relevant technologies have been patented by the state, and the technologies and equipment used have been successfully tested in practice.
Hardware unitary, software modular
The hardware adopts unitary design; The software adopts modular design, the logical structure of each component module is clear, and can be flexibly selected and combined.