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System composition
- Nov 21, 2018 -

System composition

Solar cell module
Solar cell module is the main part of off-grid solar power generation system and the most valuable component in the system. Its function is to radiate the sun
Solar cell module diagram [3]
Energy is converted into direct current energy. According to users' different requirements on power and voltage, solar cell modules can be made into a single use, or several solar cell modules can be connected in series (to meet voltage requirements) and in parallel (to meet current requirements), forming a power supply array to provide greater electrical power. Solar cell modules have the characteristics of high area specific power, long life and high reliability. In the 20-year service life, the output power generally decreases by less than 20%. With the change of temperature, the current, voltage and power of battery components will also change, so the negative temperature coefficient of voltage must be considered in the design of series connection of components.
Solar charge and discharge controller
Solar charge and discharge controller is also known as "photovoltaic controller", its role is to adjust and control the power generated by solar cell components, the largest
Figure of solar charging and discharging controller [4]
The battery is charged to a limited extent, and the battery has played a role of overcharge protection, overdischarge protection. Where the temperature difference is large, the photovoltaic controller should have the function of temperature compensation. According to the dc voltage level of the system and the power of solar cell modules, suitable photovoltaic controllers are configured. Common photovoltaic controllers include DC12V, 24V, 48V, 110V and 220V.
Its main task is to store energy in order to ensure the load of electricity at night or rainy days. The battery can be configured according to the requirements of the dc voltage level of the system
Solar battery
The number of series and parallel, battery series and parallel should follow the same model specifications, with the manufacturer, with the batch, the principle of simultaneous installation and use.
Off-grid inverter
Off-grid inverter is one of the core components of off-grid solar power generation system. for
Off-grid inverter diagram
To improve the overall performance of photovoltaic power generation system and ensure the long-term stable operation of power station, the performance index of inverter is very important. Inverter selection is based on the characteristics of the load (such as resistance, sensibility or capacitance) and load power size.