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Street lamp intelligent monitoring system-2
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Street lamp intelligent monitoring system

1. Remote control function -- -- controls the turning on and off of each circuit and single light. The schedule of 365 turning on and off lights per year exists in the field RTU. And it can be adjusted from the monitoring center at any time.
2. Formulate reasonable single-light control scheme to achieve high efficiency and energy saving of lighting.
3, single light monitoring function, can grasp the single light failure at any time, objectively and timely calculate the light rate.
4, single lamp festival function, through the control of single lamp current, reduce power consumption, achieve planned energy saving.
5. Telemetry function -- -- telemetry total voltage, current, power factor and other parameters.
6. Remote signal function -- feedback the switch status of each circuit and single lamp, and test the power supply status of the circuit.
7. Abnormal alarm function: abnormal opening, water immersion, power leakage, accidental power failure, transformer damage and power failure of transformer door are monitored.
8, cable anti-theft alarm function: the use of power line communication technology, the realization of power cable monitoring, anti-theft alarm, regardless of power or no power, can be monitored.
9. Dynamic electronic map function of the monitoring center.
10. Multiple computers share data and management of monitoring center remotely.
11, using the satellite positioning system (GPS) automatic calibration system.
12. The system can extend functions such as automatic meter reading and video monitoring.