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Street lamp intelligent monitoring system-1
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Street lamp intelligent monitoring system

Street lamp intelligent monitoring and management system is to use computer technology combined with communication technology, the rapid development of road lighting system to achieve automation and intelligent monitoring and management, so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents, improve the quality of lighting and maintenance, maintenance efficiency; Ensure road lighting rate and equipment integrity rate, save energy, reduce labor intensity, avoid the occurrence of related accidents.

The characteristics of
1, perfect function: "five remote" function, single lamp monitoring and energy saving power
Street lamp intelligent monitoring system
Can, cable anti-theft function, automatic meter reading function, monitoring center dynamic electronic map display function.
2, "four remote" function beyond the traditional "three remote" function: remote control, telemetry, remote message, remote adjustment.
Remote control function -- -- control circuit or single light on or off;
Telemetry function --- telemetry total voltage, current and circuit voltage and current;
Remote signal function -- feedback the status of various switches;
Remote adjustment function --- remote adjustment of single lamp current, realize single lamp festival energy.
* remote viewing function -- -- directly viewing the working lighting status of a single light in the control center. Can also see the overall lighting profile of a line.
3. Single light control function: the company's advanced power line carrier communication technology is utilized to realize single light control, detection and energy saving.
4, anti-theft alarm function: monitoring power cable, anti-theft alarm, regardless of power, can monitor and alarm. At the same time, it can monitor the abnormal opening of transformer door.
5. Automatic meter reading function: master the power consumption in time, and the power data meets the measurement requirements of the power department.
6, monitoring center dynamic electronic map display, timely grasp the lighting dynamic. The monitoring center also has GPS timing function.