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Special control function requirements
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Special control function requirements:
1) priority control of emergency vehicles
Provide different emergency vehicle priority control functions according to special needs.
2) bus priority control
Through the detection of bus information, adjust the signal distribution, ensure the priority of bus passing.
3) countdown function
Communication mode is adopted to connect traffic signal control machine with countdown screen. Rs-485 standard is adopted for interface and communication protocol.
The traffic signal control machine has a green light end safety protection period (0-10 seconds can be set), under the induction control and adaptive control mode, there is no jump within this safety period.
Traffic signal control machine can drive 12 countdown screen.
4) variable flag control
Ability to drive variable flags.
Output switch quantity, controlled by backend commands and schedules.
Traffic signal control machine drive variable ratio of the number of switching signs 4.
5) remote manual control
Manual remote control interface is available. The remote control interface shall have the following functions:
By operating the remote control, the police can control the traffic signal to the designated signal state.
The remote control manual control may adopt the step type or the choice type.
The police can know the current working state through the display part of the remote control.
The control level of the hand-held remote control is not higher than the manual control of the traffic signal control machine panel.
6) control of special signals
Meet the right turn direction indicator light can be fully inserted or semi-inserted into any other phase display, at any time to implement traffic light control or yellow flash warning.
For any set of left or straight direction indicator lights, you can choose whether to turn on or off the light at any time.
When yellow light appears at the end of this phase, the red light of the next phase will flash.