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Space utilization of sidewalks
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Space utilization of sidewalks

Sidewalks can be simply divided into five parts according to their functions: road tooth edge, auxiliary facilities functional belt, blind alley, sidewalk and concession line. Although each part seems simple, it plays a very important role in urban roads. As long as these five parts are reasonably integrated and improved, they can play a higher efficiency.
In modern cities where land is scarce, the problem of land use always restricts the development of cities, especially in the urban infrastructure construction where the contradiction is more prominent, and the problems of land use demand and urban development reserve are unavoidable. The utilization of sidewalk space in urban roads becomes more obvious. Underground is the "base camp" of various pipelines, which are occupied by street lamps, power supply and communication pipelines. The ground is the "base area" of all sorts of subsidiary facilities, occupied by facilities such as afforest, advertisement, bookstall. The sidewalks are overloaded with USES. Accordingly, must reasonable, make full use of the limited space of footpath.