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Solar Traffic Lights
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Solar traffic lights are signals that convert solar energy into electricity. It is composed of solar cell, controller, traffic signal, maintenance-free battery and signal lamp.

Compared with ordinary signals, solar energy traffic signals are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. With the function of electricity storage, signal cables are not required to be laid during installation, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of power failure caused by construction. Therefore, they have been widely used.


With the development of modern cities, traffic problems are attracting more and more attention. In order to ensure traffic safety and reduce the traffic accident rate, the ministry of communications and the ministry of public security have formulated corresponding traffic regulations and developed and manufactured various traffic signal products, which are widely used in urban traffic areas.
But far away from the grid on the outskirts of highway and highway intersection due to install lights need laid a long transmission line, the cost is very high, so often won't install traffic lights, and some regional power supply more nervous, in the area of intersection traffic lights the way power cannot work normally, there is hidden under a great deal of traffic hidden trouble. The problem is solved by solar traffic lights, which look and function exactly the same as traditional lights, except that they are powered in a different way, using solar panels, while traditional lights are powered by a 220V ac grid. The new solar-powered traffic lights are powered by green energy, are inexhaustible, are completely free of grid power, and are installed quickly and easily to move. Therefore, it is especially suitable for newly-built intersections and intersections with heavy traffic flow and urgent need for new signal command, which can meet the needs of emergency power cut, power cut and other emergencies.
Solar energy traffic signal lamp is the trend of the development of modern transportation, along with the country to advocate low carbon life, solar traffic lights will be more and more popular, more than ordinary light solar traffic lights with environmental protection, energy-saving, because have electric storage function, do not need to signal cable laid when installation, can effectively avoid the happening of power construction, and so on and so forth. Solar lights can operate for about 100 hours under continuous rain, snow and cloudy conditions.

Author:Bunny Sun