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Digital city
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Digital city

Digital city is an important part of digital earth, is the digitized form of traditional city. Digital city is the application of computer, Internet, 3 s, multimedia and other technology combining city geographic information and other information, digital and stored on the computer network formed by the virtual space of city. Digital city construction through the standardization of spatial data infrastructure, digital integration of all kinds of city information resources, from two aspects of technology and the system provides a foundation to realize data sharing and interoperability, integration of 3 s technique integration and realize the city industry, the deepening of the informatization applications. And the basis of the development of the digital city has accumulated a large number of operational data, is also facing many challenges, including the city level of huge amounts of information collection, analysis, storage, use and so on processing, all kinds of complicated problems in system integration, as well as urban development and alienation of the problems of technology development.
The development of a new generation of information technology makes urban form on the basis of digital further realize intelligent become a reality. Relying on the Internet of things can realize intelligent perception, identification, location, tracking and regulation; With cloud computing and intelligent analysis technology can achieve huge amounts of information processing and decision support. At the same time, along with the social environment of knowledge innovation in the form of 2.0 time, modern information technology in all kinds of industry in the industrial times after completion efficiency oriented digital transformation, gradually derived some new industry formats, organization form, the evolution of information technology leads innovation, social change has a real experience, to people-oriented science and technology innovation have a deeper understanding of the development of modern science and technology of urban morphology evolution is also a new understanding.
Research institution of wisdom city is defined as: through the application of intelligent computing technology, makes the city management, education, health care, real estate, transportation, public utilities and public security and other cities of critical infrastructure components and services more interconnected, efficient and intelligent. From the perspective of technological development, de-ren li academicians think wisdom city is the product of digital city combined with the Internet of things. Xiao-ming hu, from the perspective of urban resources concept evolution, this paper discusses the digital city corresponding information resources, smart city, the corresponding software, network resources city corresponding relationships between organizational resources. Notable is, some urban informatization construction of first city also more and more started from the viewpoint of humanist in the wisdom of the construction of the city, such as the European Union launched the knowledge oriented society innovation 2.0 Living Lab plan, to make the city become open innovation space, conducive to innovation of ecological city.
Comparison of digital city and wisdom city, we can find the difference of the following six aspects.
First, when the digital city by urban geospatial information and city information on various aspects of digital in the virtual space represent the traditional city, wisdom city focuses on on the basis of the further use of sensing technology, intelligent technology to the urban automatic, real-time, comprehensive assessment in the running state of awareness.
Second, when the digital city by city informatization from all walks of life to improve the efficiency of industry management and service quality, wisdom city are more stressed from industry segmentation, information architecture of relatively closed to open, as a complex giant system integration and coordination of city information architecture, city information overall efficiency into full play.
Third, when digital city based on the Internet makes it a preliminary business synergies, wisdom city is important with ubiquitous network, mobile technology to realize the ubiquitous Internet and portable intelligent integration services anytime and anywhere.
Fourthly, when digital city focus on the production, accumulation and application of data resources, wisdom city to focus on the service design and user perspective.
Five, when digital cities more pay attention to the use of information technology in all areas of information technology to enhance the efficiency of social production, the wisdom of the subject status of the city is more emphasis on people, more emphasis on open innovation space shape and its citizens to participate in, the user experience, and the realization of people-oriented sustainable innovation.
Its six, when the digital city is committed to the city by means of informatization and the operation and development of all aspects of function, improving the efficiency of the city, urban management and service development, the wisdom city are more emphasized by the government, the market, the participation of social forces and achieving city public value unique shape and value creation.
Wisdom city not only widely used in the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data mining, knowledge management, technology tools such as social network, also pay attention to user participation, people-oriented, innovation 2.0 concept and method of application, of the institutional environment conducive to innovation, to achieve high-end wisdom highly integrated technology, industry, intelligence service efficient and convenient, people-oriented, continuous innovation, complete jumped from digital city to the wisdom of the city. Wisdom city would be 2.0 times the people-oriented sustainable innovation city.

Author:Bunny Sun