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Intelligent transportation system
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Intelligent transportation system

Intelligent Transportation System (Intelligent Traffic System, hereinafter referred to as ITS), also known as Intelligent transport System (Intelligent Transportation System), is the advanced science and technology, information technology, computer technology, data communication technology, sensor technology, electronic control technology, automatic control theory, operational research, artificial intelligence, etc.) effectively applied to Transportation, service control and vehicle manufacturing, enhance vehicle, road, the connection between the consumer, In this way, an integrated transportation system can be formed to guarantee safety, improve efficiency, improve environment and save energy.

Range of application
It includes passenger flow transport system of airport and station, urban traffic intelligent dispatch system, expressway intelligent dispatch system, operating vehicle dispatch management system, motor vehicle automatic control system, etc.

The intelligent transportation system can improve traffic and transport efficiency through the harmonious and close cooperation of people, vehicles and roads, ease traffic congestion, improve the capacity of the road network, reduce traffic accidents, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution.
According to the application of ITS in a certain region, the predicted benefit in 2015 is: reduce traffic congestion by 10% ~ 50%; Saving energy by 5% ~ 15%; Reduce air pollution by more than 25%; Reduce the operation cost of the enterprise by 5% ~ 25%; Reduce accidents by 30% to 60%.

Author:Bunny Sun