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Types of traffic guidance system information
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Types of traffic guidance system information

The traffic induction system mainly publishes three kinds of information: warning information, traffic induction information and public information.

This kind of information is mainly based on the monitoring data provided by the bayonet monitoring system, which is connected with the traffic induction information release system, to release the information such as speeding violations of the vehicles under its jurisdiction.

Traffic inducement information
Display traffic guidance information timely according to traffic, weather and command and dispatch department instructions, such as warning signs and simple graphics such as construction area control, strong wind and dense fog, so that drivers can know the road conditions in advance, avoid traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents. At the same time, the speed limit can be displayed according to the actual road condition, so as to effectively induce the traffic flow and make the highway traffic more smooth.

The public information
This kind of information is mainly some humanized friendly information, such as: drive carefully, pay attention to safety, please do not fatigue driving. In addition, there are some other information, such as: warmly welcome the leaders to inspect the guidance work, celebration National Day and so on.

Author:Bunny Sun