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What's the difference between a lithium-ion battery and a battery
- Sep 14, 2018 -

The comparison of li-ion battery and battery is as follows.
First: weight comparison. Lithium battery is more portable and has a high capacity and density of 192Wh/kg. With the same weight and volume, the energy is more than twice that of the lead-acid battery. At present, two-wheeled electric vehicle needs large battery life.
Second: comparison of charging efficiency. Lithium battery charging efficiency higher, for three yuan 18650 lithium batteries, the maximum charging current is 0.5 C, generally in union 72 v24ah lithium batteries, the maximum charging current can be 12 a, of course, to the safety and life of lithium-ion batteries, the league of li-ion battery protective plate limits the maximum charging current, the current recommended maximum charging current of 6 a, 72 v24ah battery charging as long as four hours.
Third: comparison of life span. The life of lithium battery is longer, generally three-yuan lithium battery, the cycle time is about 800 times, according to our current electric vehicle general use situation, lithium battery can use at least 3 years. Here say the cycle is not said after 800 times 800 times the battery is completely obsolete, but after the loop 800 times, its capacity can reach 60-70% of new battery capacity, if the capacity of the line continuation mileage can also higher than the user above the minimum line continuation, it still can continue to use, until the line continuation has been unable to meet the needs of users, and this life is probably 4 years? In five years? Even 6 years?
Fourth: performance and durability comparison. Lithium-ion batteries of the same capacity use more energy efficiently than lead-acid batteries. Compare that with a 72V lead acid and a lithium battery. Normally, lead-acid batteries work at a voltage of 63V to 82V, with an intermediate pressure difference of 19V. To protect the safety and life of the lithium battery, the working voltage of the lithium battery is 58v-83.5v. The middle pressure difference is 21.5v, which is 6.5v more than that of the lead-acid battery. In other words, the working voltage range is 34% more than that of the lead-acid battery. More generally, lithium-ion batteries with the same voltage and capacity can last about a third longer than those with lead-acid batteries, even after accounting for the energy difference.

Author:Bunny Sun