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Solar power wireless electric actuator
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Specific performance parameters are as follows:

Double four LED digital tube display
The input signal
Standard current 0-10ma, 4-20ma standard voltage 0-5v, 1-5v thermocouple K, S, B, T, E, J, WRE thermal resistance PT1000,PT100, CU50, CU100
The basic error
F.S 0.2% plus or minus 1 word
Broken or over scale display
The output power
10 DBM (10 mw)
Visibility distance
800 m @ 1200 BPS, 500 m @ 9600 BPS
Effective baud rate
1200~38400bps user Settings, 57600bps customized
Receiving sensitivity
- 110 DBM @ 1200 BPS, - 108 DBM @ 9600 BPS
Topology of network
Point - to - Point, the Point - to - multipoint
12 v DC
Emission current
The < 40 ma
Receives the current
< 20 ma
Sleep current
< 20 & micro; a.
Carrier frequency
433MHz default, 400MHz~470MHz customized
Communication mode
Half duplex
The interface way
TTL/UART, 1200~38400bps user Settings
The antenna impedance
50 Ω, SMA
Working temperature
- 20 ~ + 60
Frequency stability
Plus or minus 10 PPM
Main engine technical indexes:
Input signal: 4mA ~20mA; VDC 1 ~ 5 VDC; Ma 2 ~ 10 ma; 0.5 VDC ~ 2.5 VDC; 24VDC pulse and level signals
Power supply: 380VAC/50Hz 220VAC/50Hz
3. Basic error limit
Repeatability error of stroke control mechanism: no more than 3%
5 dead zone: 0.1%~9.9% adjustable
6. Protection grade: IP68
7 explosion-proof type: explosion-proof marks: Exd Ⅱ BT4
8 environmental temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
The input and output channels all adopt photoelectric isolation
Environmental humidity: 95% or less

Solar wireless electric actuators, it is just the use of new energy power supply of the new product, solve the reasons due to the distance of power supply is not convenient, spare to use energy increased new opportunity for China's environmental protection and energy saving, electric actuator is introduced in the UK ROTORK (ROM toelke) technology, A, M series electric actuators, on the basis of using today's most advanced large scale digital integrated circuit development into A new generation of intelligent, digital, full Chinese menu display, remote control electric actuators. A new generation of intelligent electric actuators can be quickly programmed, checked, and searched for non-invasively through an independent settler. The actuator adopts graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display to display the torque, valve position, limit setting and other working status and alarm of the actuator in the form of Chinese, figures and graphics. The user's operation is greatly facilitated. The actuator has the function of automatic protection and flameproof, and it can adjust, check parameters and diagnose faults without opening the electrical box cover of the actuator in work even in the danger area. The fieldbus communication card can be used to form a fully distributed computer cooperative work system, realizing remote data acquisition, remote communication, remote diagnosis and maintenance. It has been widely used in petroleum, electric power, metallurgy and water treatment industries because of its advanced, reliable and convenient operation.

Author:Bunny Sun