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Solar power wireless electric actuator
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Solar wireless electric actuator is a small hardware platform powered by solar energy and transmitting radio signals

Solar energy wireless electric actuator monitoring system is a kind of terminal product which integrates data receiver and wireless transmission communication developed to meet the market demand after years of practical experience and engineering application. This product includes: solar power wireless electric actuator and other remote wireless data transmission, it has the function of fixed-point data upload, takes wireless transmitting station as the communication platform, it has the advantages of no geographical restriction, stability, reliability and low cost. Suitable for short distance, miniaturization and low cost wireless monitoring, wireless data acquisition and wireless alarm systems. Widely used in industry control, electric power dispatching automation, water conservancy project construction, large construction sites, oil oil measurement and control, oil Wells, water hydrology monitoring measurement, meteorological data transmission, environmental monitoring equipment, seismic monitoring network, radio beacon, river shipping, geological exploration, transportation, mobile positioning, military training, the public security police, medical care, public facilities, automatic meter reading, remote control, remote sensing and other fields.

Author:Bunny Sun