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Solar lamp installation
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Steps for installing solar street lamps

The foundation casting
1. Determine the position of the vertical lamp; In the case of geological investigation, if the surface is all soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened. At the same time, it should be confirmed that there are no other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) below the excavation position, and there is no long-term shading object on the top of the street lamp, otherwise the position should be appropriately changed.
2. Reserve (excavate) 1 meter and 3 pits in the position of vertical lamps that meet the standard; Conduct positioning casting of embedded parts. The embedded parts are placed in the center of the square pit. One end of the PVC threading pipe is placed in the middle of the embedded parts and the other end is placed in the storage place of the battery (as shown in the figure above). Pay attention to keeping the embedded parts, foundation and original ground on the same horizontal surface (or screw top on the same horizontal surface as the original ground, according to the needs of the site), one side should be parallel to the road; Only in this way can the lamp pole stand upright without deviation. Then, it is fixed with C20 concrete. During the process of casting, the vibration of vibration bar shall not be stopped to ensure the overall compactness and fastness.
3. After the completion of construction, timely clean the residual mud residue on the positioning plate and clean the impurities on the bolts with waste oil.
4. In the solidification process of soil mix, regular watering and curing shall be carried out; The pendant lamp cannot be installed until the concrete is completely solidified (generally over 72 hours).
Solar cell module installation
1. The output positive and negative poles of the solar panel shall take measures to avoid short connection before connecting to the controller;
2. The solar cell components should be firmly and reliably connected to the bracket;
3. The output line of the component shall avoid being exposed and be fastened with the tie belt;
4. The direction of the battery assembly should be south to south, subject to the compass direction.
Battery installation
1. When the battery is placed in the control box, it shall be handled lightly to prevent damage to the control box;
2. The connection line between the battery must be bolted on the junction post of the battery and copper spacer should be used to enhance the electrical conductivity.
3. No short connection is allowed after the output line is connected to the battery in any case to avoid damaging the battery;
4. When the output line of the battery is connected with the controller in the wire rod, it must pass through the PVC threading pipe;
5. After the above completion, check the connection of the controller end to prevent short circuit. Close the door of the control box after normal operation.
Installation of lamps and lanterns
1, for each part component is fixed: sun plate fixed on the bracket of solar panels, lamp holder to carry on the arm, then stent with arm fixed to the main stem, and wear the cables to control box (battery box).
2. Before lifting the lamp pole, check whether the fasteners in all parts are firm, whether the lamp head is installed properly, and whether the light source works normally. Then work in the simple debugging system is normal; Loosen the connection line of the solar panel on the controller and the light source works. Connect the cable of the solar panel and the lamp is off. Meanwhile, observe the changes of each indicator light on the controller carefully. All belong to normal, can lift and install.
3. Pay attention to safety precautions when lifting the main lamp pole; The screw is absolutely well tightened. If the component's sunrise Angle is deviated, the upper end needs to adjust its sunrise direction to face south completely.
4. Put the battery into the battery box and connect the connecting line to the controller according to the technical requirements; First connect the battery, then load, then connect the solar panel; In connection operation, it is important to pay attention to the connection of each circuit and the terminal marked on the controller. Otherwise the controller will be damaged.
5. Whether the debugging system works normally; Loosen the connection line of the solar panel on the controller and the light is on. Connect the cable of solar panel at the same time, the lamp is off. Then observe the changes of each indicator light on the controller carefully. All belong to normal, can seal the control box.

Author:Bunny Sun