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Knowledge of traffic lights
- Jul 10, 2018 -

XinTong Traffic lights are composed of red, green and yellow lights. A red light means no traffic, a green light means no traffic, and a yellow light means a warning. Let's take a look at the knowledge of traffic lights.

Knowledge of traffic lights
The classification function of traffic signals
1. Green signal
A green signal is a signal to allow passage. According to the regulations on the implementation of the traffic safety law, when the green light is on, vehicles and pedestrians are allowed to pass through, but vehicles turning in corners are not allowed to obstruct the direct traffic of vehicles and pedestrians being released.
2. Direction indicator light
A directional light is a special signal light for directing the direction of a motor vehicle. It is pointed by different arrows to indicate that the motor vehicle goes straight, turns left or turns right.
3. Pedestrian crossing signal
The crosswalk light consists of red and green lights. There is a standing figure on the red light mirror and a walking figure on the green light. The pedestrian crossway lamp is located at both ends of the pedestrian crossroad at the important crossroads where there are more people. The lamp head faces the driveway and is perpendicular to the center of the road.
There are two kinds of signals, green light and red light, which have similar meanings to the signal of the intersection signal. That is, when the green light is on, pedestrians are allowed to pass the crosswalk. When the red light is on, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk, but those who have already entered the crosswalk can continue to pass or stay at the center line of the road and wait.
4. Flashing warning lights
For the continuous flashing of yellow lights, vehicles and pedestrians are advised to watch out when passing by, and pass after confirmation of safety. The lamp without the role of leading and swap control traffic, some hanging over the road, some only after the traffic lights at night to stop using with the yellow light and flash, to alert vehicles, the pedestrian is crossing ahead, be careful driving, watching carefully, safe passage. Flashing warning lights flashing on the intersection, the traffic and pedestrians, namely to abide by the principle of ensuring security, at the same time should also comply with no traffic signal or traffic sign control intersection traffic regulations.
5. Lane lights
Lane lights are made up of green arrow lights and red fork lights, which are set on the variable lane and only work on the lane. When the green arrow light is on, vehicles in this lane are allowed to pass in the direction indicated. Vehicles in the lane are not allowed to pass when Red Cross lights or arrow lights are on.

6. Yellow light signal
Vehicles that have crossed the stop line may continue to pass when the yellow light is on.
The meaning of the yellow light signal lies between the green light signal and the red light signal. When the yellow light is on, the driver and pedestrian are warned that the time of passage is over and they will turn to red immediately. The driver should stop behind the stop line and pedestrians should not enter the crosswalk. However, vehicles may continue to pass if they cross the stop line due to being too close to stop. Pedestrians who are already in the crosswalk should either pass as soon as possible, stay where they are, or return to their place of origin, depending on the condition of the vehicle.
7. Traffic baton signal
Traffic police are not allowed to pass vehicles when they signal a stop with a stick. Vehicles that have crossed the stop line may pass; When the traffic police issue a direct signal, the vehicle is allowed to go straight, and the right-turn vehicle is allowed to pass without hindering the passing of the released vehicle. Traffic police a left turn signals, allowed to turn left and straight vehicles, vehicle the right turning vehicles and T intersection right straight without crossing vehicles without obstruction was released under the condition of vehicles, can pass.
8. Red light signal
The red light signal is an absolute no - pass signal. Vehicles are prohibited from passing when the red light is on. Right-turn vehicles may pass without obstructing the passing of vehicles and pedestrians.
A red light signal is a mandatory stop signal. In the event of a stop signal, the prohibited vehicle must stop outside the stop line. When a motor vehicle is waiting for clearance, it shall not be allowed to turn off the fire, open the door, or leave the vehicle. Bicycles are not allowed to turn left from the outside of the road trolley roundabout, straight road not allowed to use the right turn method.
9. Bicycle lights
It consists of red, yellow and green arrows.
10. Command procedure signal
Wave signal can be divided into straight line, left turn and stop signal. Vehicles and pedestrians are subject to the direction of the traffic police when there is any discrepancy between the light signal, traffic sign or traffic mark and the traffic police command.

Author:Bunny Sun