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What is an electronic police system
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Electronic police, also known as red light automatic recording system, installed on the signal control intersection and road, and within the specified lane on motor vehicles running red lights, etc for continuous automatic monitoring and recording system.

Electronic police system function embodied in the front-end system function and system background application two aspects, the former request electronic police system in addition to achieve the function of a single captured through a red light, but also can realize the bayonet, the left and the right and grooving, change lanes, retrograde behavior such as comprehensive record, at the same time have the license plate recognition, body color recognition and video analysis and other integrated intelligent function; The latter requires electronic police system is not only a violation of punishment system, more will gradually evolve towards the direction of the induced traffic management, with the application of intelligent to improve road traffic management level, for the convenience of public transport services.

Author:Bunny Sun