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How does China develop smart transportation
- Jul 05, 2018 -

The development status of intelligent transportation

Continue to hinder: according to the national development and reform commission (NDRC), according to the data published twelfth five-year "period, our country comprehensive traffic network total mileage reached 4.94 million kilometers, high-speed railway mileage, the highway mileage, urban rail transit operational mileage and port number of deep water berths, are among the world's first. By the end of June 2017, China had 304 million vehicles, including 205 million vehicles, according to the ministry of public security's traffic management bureau. The number of motor vehicle drivers is 371m, of which 328m are drivers. There are 49 cities in China with more than 1m cars, 23 cities with more than 2m and six cities with more than 3m. Automobile holdings continued to increase, inevitably brings more and more pressure to the traffic, in order to solve the problem of traffic congestion, the government's commitment to continue to increase in traffic, the construction of intelligent transportation, use technical means to cure plugging become inevitable. The urban population is growing: by 2050 nearly two-thirds of the world's population will be living in big cities, according to figures released by the United Nations. In 2014, it was only half that. In the process of accelerating urbanization, more and more challenges need to be addressed, so there is a large demand for intelligent solutions in cities. The scale of the smart transportation market continues to expand: in 2017, there will be 10 projects with over 100 million urban smart transportation projects, including 8 projects that have been announced and announced, and a total market size of about 1.72 billion projects. In 2016, there were 17 projects with over 100 million projects and 10 projects with a total market size of about 1.762 billion. Over the same period, the scale of the target project market increased by 2.4%.

Intelligent transportation integrated solution

Xin tong in the intelligent traffic industry has many years of accumulated experience, and have a HD IP intelligence system solutions, hd-sdi HD system solutions, USP business system solutions, as well as the bayonet monitoring, electronic police equipment, can provide intelligent transportation with a full range of intelligent transportation solutions. Along with the continuously go deep into artificial intelligence + security integration, xin tong actively in artificial intelligence, advantage in face recognition, and in the early years will focus on developing large data and artificial intelligence, and take the lead in the industry launched a smart vision of a new generation of intelligent capture video cameras, in face recognition capture and video structured, major breakthroughs were made in areas such as deep learning algorithm, improved the processing capacity of the whole face system. Using artificial intelligence to analyze and guide urban traffic planning and emergency handling; Build traffic integrated information service platform based on the Internet, open to the public data, guide social forces to provide traffic information service, huimin demonstration of citizens public transport priority of green travel, from intellisense, intelligence processing, intelligence service and intelligence management four dimensions to comprehensive urban transportation planning, build the real intelligent transportation, intelligence traffic.

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