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Solar street light considerations
- Apr 09, 2018 -

If the user installs the luminaire on the ground by himself, the precautions are as follows:

1. The solar street lamp uses solar radiation as energy source, and whether the sunlight irradiating on the photovoltaic cell assembly directly affects the lighting effect of the luminaire, so when selecting the installation position of the luminaire, the solar cell module can irradiate sunlight at any time period, and no Leaves and other shields.

2. When threading, be sure to pay attention not to trap the wire at the connection of the lamp post. The connection of the wire should be firmly connected and wrapped with PVC tape.

3. When using, in order to ensure the beauty and the battery module can better receive solar radiation, please clean the dust on the battery module every six months, but do not flush it with water from bottom to top.