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Solar energy traffic warning signs application cases
- Nov 12, 2018 -

Solar energy traffic warning signs application cases

Baoding city, hebei province traffic management, the use of the solar traffic lights, it doesn't need to rack pole, bury a line, without external power supply, the solar panel at the top of the lamp, charge can work continuously for 10 days. A lamp can save about 1000 kWh electricity in a year. Solar yellow flashing lights has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation (inner diameter can be adjusted freely), strong adaptability to environment (in some mountain or tree shade environment still
The characteristics of working), and warning, ban flag composite applications, can have a better intersection hints and dangerous section of early warning role.
In addition, in wuxi city streets, more and more traffic warning lights and warning on piles with small black "hat". This solar traffic warning device not only energy-saving, but also striking, to improve road safety and reduce traffic accident rate is very effective. So far, more than 2000 the city public traffic warning lights, warning pile have been using solar energy technology, some traffic signs and signals are also beginning to use solar energy.
New type of solar light control system assembled traffic management, traffic control, green energy, new ideas and technologies such as using solar energy to replace the traditional electricity power supply, through the traffic lights on the pillars of solar panels to gather and store solar energy, and then through the Zig Bee master controller to each traffic light emission control signal of the same type of traffic lights, achieve the result of wireless synchronous control run [2].

Author:Bunny Sun