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Solar energy traffic warning signs
- Nov 11, 2018 -

Solar energy traffic warning signs

Verified by field test, and the common reflective traffic signs and LED traffic signs with the mains power supply, has the following advantages: [1]
(1), power is supplied by solar and battery two-way independent work time is long, sunny days continuous stable operation, does not produce any use fees, rainy day can also be continuous stable work for just a few days there are differences in different areas (or).
(2) the automation degree high, make simple and reasonable, mobile and convenient operation, low cost.
Lattice screen (3) high brightness, small power consumption, strong visibility, to do with the ICONS used at the same time, the warning letter and have a variety of warning words and ICONS that conforms to the national standard, fast and convenient to replace.
(4) warning distance, visual cognition distance at 500 m more than during the day and night visual cognition distance can reach more than 1, 000 m and improve the traffic safety.
(5) using solar panels to the spotlight system automatically, make solar energy utilization efficiency was improved.
(6) screen Angle adjustment and the rise and fall of solar panels, non-interference in each other, remote wireless remote control and manual control can be used at the same time. Therefore has a broad prospect of promotion.

Author:Bunny Sun