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Solar energy traffic warning signs
- Nov 10, 2018 -

Solar energy traffic warning signs

Transportation industry, environment pollution problems brought by the rapid growth of motor vehicles, is a prominent problem facing our country urban traffic, is also one of the important influence factors of urban environmental degradation.
Developed countries and in recent years, domestic environmental monitoring data show that the main pollutants in the urban atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, tiny particles, emissions of volatile organic compounds and so on, the proportion of transportation after industry, including road transport emissions and accounts for 60% ~ 90% of transport emissions. According to statistics, in 2000, China's carbon monoxide emissions to 30 million t, nox emissions also reached 3.8 million t. In big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and the city, the motor vehicle emission has become the first big pollution pollutants [2].
In order to effectively solve the non-renewable resources, like oil in the transportation industry of many of the problems brought by the large consumption, clean solar energy is becoming more and more attention around the world, the research and application, and in the application achieved good social and environmental effects.
Solar energy resources are abundant in our country, more than two-thirds of the regional total annual irradiation is larger than 5 million kJ/m2, sunshine time in more than 2200 h, only our country land surface receives solar is the equivalent of 170 billion t of standard coal, if the solar irradiation in 1% of the total into available energy, can satisfy all of the energy demand in China, so the development of new solar energy industry has the superior natural conditions. Solar industry is a sunrise industry in today's global booming rise, development and utilization of clean, safe, environmental protection of solar energy resources is becoming a human society to meet the challenges of energy shortage and environmental pollution in the growing of common choice.
In order to improve the utilization rate of solar energy and improve traffic safety problems at the same time, solar traffic warning signs came into being. Existing traffic warning signs basically has two kinds: one kind is reflective film with traffic signs icon on the warning signs. Disadvantages: single sign, the low degree of automation, mobility, rely on the sun or the reflectors, warning distance is short, severely affected by the weather and so on. Another, using the mains power supply LED traffic signs. In recent years in order to strengthen the visual effects, the mains power supply LED traffic signs, but in the remote sections of mains supply is very difficult to limit the use of such traffic signs, and power consumption is big, do not accord with our country's sustainable development strategy. Combined the characteristics of road traffic safety in China and make up for the defect of the above two types of warning signs, a new type of solar traffic warning signs has the characteristics of power supply reliability, it adopted the solar and battery two-way power supply; In order to reduce interference, the use of the display screen half folded way; In order to improve the utilization rate of solar energy, the solar spotlight system. Simple structure, easy to use, especially suitable for the highway, no power supply is not fixed and temporary construction site (maintenance) and mountain, bend and other highly dangerous accident black spot. To provide drivers with information on road conditions, the operation of the organization, management, transport, alert the driver to ensure safe [1].

Author:Bunny Sun