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Solar energy traffic warning signs
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Solar energy traffic warning signs

Solar energy traffic warning signs is mainly composed of storage battery, control and display part. With simple and reasonable structure design, two-way power supply, solar and battery warning distance, independent work for a long time, and is suitable for application in highway, no power supply is not fixed (maintain) the scene of construction and bend, such as road danger area

In solar energy traffic warning signs of various types, the application is more curve warning, speed limits, stop to give way, pay attention to the danger, pedestrian crossing type, etc. Made of solar energy all sorts of form design of road traffic signs, with remarkable eye-catching entrainment, can give the driver a few hundred meters away from the prompt, to reduce the number of traffic accidents, the effect of safe driving. In the night and fog day, solar energy electronic traffic signs have special flash effect, curved road all seeing there is no doubt that sand environment function does not decrease

Solar energy traffic warning sign is usually controlled by the solar panels the spotlight solar panels the spotlight institutions make solar panel
Best position to receive sunlight; By solar panels again through the solar charge controller, convert solar energy into electrical energy, and stored in the storage battery; Then the battery and light hound controller for solar light hound institutions, the upper text display Angle adjusting mechanism and display the image of the controller and the strongpoint of the power supply, finally realizes the display different images and strongpoint of the warning role. Usually in a state of completely using solar power supply, display light striking, strong penetrating power, the abnormal of the normal work of the dust, under the severe environment pollution and so on. Additionally equipped with flashing light, flashing light flicker frequency up to 30 times/min, can give the driver hints on several hundred metres away, have remarkable eye-catching warning function, reduce the number of traffic accidents, to achieve the effect of safety, its effect is common sign can't replace. Especially at night is more highlighted compared with the traditional traffic signs have strong advantage [1].

Author:Bunny Sun