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Q235B Steel Plate Use
- Oct 12, 2018 -

The Q235B steel plate is a kind of mild steel. National standard GB/T 700-2006 carbon structural steel is clearly defined. Q235B is one of the most common steels in China. It is low in price and can meet the requirements of most products with low performance.

The difference between Q235A and Q235B: steel is carbon steel. In the national standard gb700-88, the material difference of Q235A and Q235B is mainly in the carbon content of steel. The material of Q235A is between 0.14 and 0.22.
The plates of Q235A do not do impact experiments, while Q235B is to do normal temperature impact experiments, v-notch. Comparatively speaking, the mechanical properties of steel made of Q235B are much better than those made of Q235A.
Under normal circumstances, the steel mill before the finished products are marked on the label. The user can check whether the material is Q235A, Q235B or other material on the identification card. Design pressure P is no more than 1.6MPa; Use the temperature of 0 ~ 350 ℃; Thickness of steel plate >=20mm

Author:Bunny Sun