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Q235B Steel Plate
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The Q235B steel plate is a kind of mild steel. National standard GB/T 700-2006 carbon structural steel is clearly defined. Q235B is one of the most common steels in China. It is low in price and can meet the requirements of most products with low performance.

The rest is composed of Q+ number + quality grade + deoxygenation method. Its steel number is marked with "Q", which represents the yield point of steel. The following figure represents the yield point value, and the unit is MPa, such as the carbon structure steel whose yield point is 235 MPa.
The mark indicating the quality grade and deoxygenation method may be indicated after the steel mark necessary. The quality grade symbols are A, B, C and D. Symbol of deoxygenation method: F denotes steel of ripening; B stands for semi-killed steel; Z denotes calm steel; TZ stands for special composed steel, which can be used as an unmarked symbol, i.e. Z and TZ are not standard. For example, q235-af represents A grade of rimmed steel.
Dedicated carbon steels, such as bridge steel, Marine steel, etc., are basically expressed in carbon structural steels, with letters indicating their use appended to the end of the steel number.

Author:Bunny Sun