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Maintenance method for common faults of high bar lamps
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Maintenance method for common faults of high bar lamps

With the increasingly scarce resources of the earth in the 21st century, many resources will face the danger of extinction. However, with the development of solar energy conversion technology, it may be possible to solve the energy crisis to a large extent. Solar energy is recognized as a kind of "inexhaustible, inexhaustible" environmental protection of new energy. A variety of solar products have emerged. And as the solar energy early and the popularization product high pole lamp is the people concern and the daily life lift many. The following solar street lamp manufacturers will share with you about the high rod lamp in the maintenance of common faults and solutions.
1. Battery problem. If the light time is short, the battery energy storage falls, resulting in rainy weather, the light time is short, that is the problem of the battery, should be replaced by the battery.
2. Led light source problems. High bar lamp lamp bead is not fully bright, in addition to the quality of the led light source itself, is the problem of welding, should be promptly replaced not lamp bead or lamp bead welding firm or more direct change lamp holder.
3. Installation site. The place that installs tall pole lamp, sun illumination is insufficient, cannot store energy to accumulator also is a big problem. It is necessary to find out the suitable high bar lighting system in such places to meet the lighting requirements.
4. Line problem. Poor line connection, battery feed, energy storage decline, will cause light flashing. Should be promptly replaced or fixed line contact bad place.
What's wrong with the whole light? First, check whether the controller is flooded. If it is not the problem of the controller, test whether the battery has voltage and whether the voltage is lower than 10.8v. If not, then check whether the panel has voltage.
Based on the above points, we must pay special attention to whether the solar controller is flooded, whether the panel has current, and whether the battery voltage is higher than 10.8v when dealing with it, and then work out a reasonable maintenance plan.