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Maintenance is not difficult to the maintenance and replacement of the high bar lamp and corrosion protection
- Dec 23, 2018 -

Maintenance is not difficult to the maintenance and replacement of the high bar lamp and corrosion protection

Tall pole lamp is the main lighting machine in the country, need insurance to assure for pedestrian and car, then, tall pole lamp also is the main one whole that shows rural lighting stagnation, it added a bright scenery line for the country. Because tall pole lamp is temporary, be being used outdoors, wind is blown, insolation and drench are helpless prevent, because tall pole lamp must want to need to stop by amateur current take care of oneself and element change, in order to progress tall pole lamp apply birthday, make sure to use insurance and firm.
We know that the use of the lamp needs to carry out maintenance of its maintenance, then for its maintenance procedures should also be understood, the following * for everyone simply * introduces the maintenance procedures for the lamp:
1. This regulation is applicable to the operation and maintenance of the high bar lamp with the bar height of more than 20 meters.
2. Maintenance and replacement of light bulbs are carried out with the aid of the aerial work vehicle in the fixed light disc type high pole light climbing pole, generally in the daytime when there is no need for rainstorm and the wind force is no more than four levels.
3. If the work is not allowed during the day, the work should be done in the middle of the night, but safety measures should be taken and lighting should be strengthened.
4, the lamp panel lifting type high pole lamp, the lamp panel lifting operation, must be responsible by the trained personnel, the implementation of one person operation one person monitoring system.
5. Operators, monitoring personnel and other field personnel shall be 4 meters away from the rod root.
6. Strictly follow the operation procedures of various types of high bar lamps.
7. Pay close attention to the lifting process of the lamp panel and the surrounding environment.
8. The electrical equipment in the junction box shall be inspected every six months. (elevator motor, transmission belt and switch are well connected).
9, in order to make the high bar lamp normal operation, once every six months to the lamp panel lifting operation check (electric, manual and wired remote isolation operation flexible), rotating parts, wire rope add butter, make lifting freely.
10, light pole grounding resistance measurement once a year, resistance is less than or equal to 10 Ω (high lamp grounding resistance less than or equal to 4 Ω).
The maintenance of tall pole lamp is not random can undertake maintenance according to its maintenance method, still need to undertake judging according to its regulation whether to suit, the ability that accords with its regulation only can undertake maintenance to its.