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Intelligent traffic signal control machine
- Dec 01, 2018 -

Intelligent traffic signal control machine

Equipment is introduced
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LT - XHJ/XT - type 10 road traffic signal control machine is developed by nanjing blue Thai traffic facilities co., LTD. A new generation of intelligent traffic signal control machine, has more intersection control function, coordination control (PC), no cable coordinated control and induction control, timing control, manual control, more time yellow flashing, turn off the lights, and other works, flexible control transition time and scheme of light color, suitable for all kinds of urban and rural road intersection traffic signal control, is widely used in the LED lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and other kinds of traffic light load. The multi-intersection control function of signal machine can run the parameters of four intersections at the same time and control the coordinated operation or independent operation of multiple intersections.
Signal using embedded technology and Linux operating system, with high stability and maintainability, advanced and practical functions, and high scalability; Advanced digital technology is adopted to carry out digital real-time monitoring of voltage and current of each output drive circuit, and double-channel fault detection channels are checked each other, which improves the reliability and intelligence of fault judgment. It is equipped with 32-channel annular coil motor vehicle detector and multi-mode traffic flow parameter detection interface, which can be connected with various forms of detectors externally, thus improving the flexibility of signal application.
This product is subject to gb25280-2010 "road traffic signal control machine" (our company is the drafting unit of the national standard, which has been enforced since May 1, 2011).