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Intelligent street lamp
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Intelligent street lamp

Development status of smart street lighting
The editor
In China, the government street lamp management department has put on the agenda how to optimize the street lamp management system, effectively control energy consumption and reduce the cost of maintenance and management.
In foreign countries, I have realized the disadvantages of public lighting management system and started to upgrade it. In London, the local government has planned to invest 3.25 million pounds to replace 14,000 "smart street lamps". The maintenance staff can know whether street lamps need to be repaired or replaced through Ipad, and control the brightness of each street lamp to improve energy efficiency.
At present, the known implementation cases include Westminster street lighting system controlled by iPAD in the UK, the technology of lighting street lamps by mobile phones in Germany, and the technology of controlling street lamps based on WIFI in the us.
Smart street lighting implementation significance
The editor
The implementation of smart street lighting can not only have a profound impact on society, but also generate considerable economic benefits directly:
· strengthen the informatization construction of public lighting management, and improve emergency dispatch and scientific decision-making ability.
· reduce traffic accidents and various social security incidents caused by lighting failure.
· save energy consumption of urban public lighting, build low-carbon and environment-friendly cities, and build livable areas.
· second energy conservation through intelligent regulation to avoid waste and shorten the investment return cycle.
· measure energy saving data as a reference of power consumption data of power supply department to prevent loss of leakage and power theft

Author:Bunny Sun